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Kia Sportage Column LED Tail Light/Rear Lamp,Brake Light LED-311KA

Kia Sportage Column LED Tail light / Rearlamp assembly

Without changing the original car lines, plug and play!  
LED taillights Features:
1, Fast response, the response speed of original halogen bulbs is about 0.3 seconds, while the LED light respond in nanosecond(that is LED tail light is on same time when you brake your car), which can effectively prevent rear-end accidents.
2. High luminous purity and strong penetrating power, it is especially more effective in the snow, rain and fog day, better improve security.
3, Good stability and shock resistance capability.
4, Long lifespan, up to 100,000 hours, which is 500 times than original halogen bulb.
5, Low power consumption, 90% energy saving than the original halogen bulb.
It is easy to install onto your car, only takes several minutes. As same wire connection to your original car, convenient and more suitable for DIY installation on your own, easy to make your car unique.
Before Install:

After Install:


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