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MG 6 MG6 Car DRL LED Daytime Running Lights factory


Model Number: LED-2678MG

-- Open swith ACC,DRL reaches to 100% lightness.
-- Open indicator light or head light,DRL lightness decresed to 50%
--Open head light,DRL turns off
MG 6 2020- Special LED Daytime Running Lights(DRL):
1, Energy Efficiency: Saving 65% energy compared to standard bulbs.
2, Luminous Efficiency: 6000k-6700k color temperature makes it bright and stylish
3, Safety: According to EU report,day light is able to avoid more than 58% traffic accident
4, Advanced techniques: Superior mterial,advanced optical cooling system,IP 69k high protection class,100000 hours life,
every detail counts for high performance
5, Authorization: Certified EU ECE - R78/R7,CE,FCC
6, Convenience: 1 bulb for 1 car, easy replacement,no alteration needed,plug and play.
Rated Operating Current: less than 50ma
Current Stability: less than 2ma (24 hours)
Brightness:70-90LM/pcs (left and right strict symmetric )
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 50 degress
Storage Temperature: -50 ~ 80 degress
Protection Features: Reverse Polarity Protection, Open Circuit Protection.
Waterproof: After the rain simulation tests and immersionsimulation tests.
Salt Spray test: Passed.
Safety: Effectively increase safety factor in daytime drive
Daytime Running Lights(DRL) is the light used in daytime drive.Its main purpose is not helping drivers to spot all road,but expose drivers themselves to other passenagers and drivers as early as they can.The extra reaction time can greatly decrease the driving risk.
Fashion: Better visibility makes it a perfect partner to your loved cars.
New lightspot on the road,attraction effection and style contribute to a sight feast which turns into a fashionable device ,not 
simply a standard configuration
1.Not need to change the fog lights, original car location to install, no need to paste a direct replacement for the original car black fog lamp  shade, power cable can be connected to the fog lights on (open fog bright).
2.Can also be connected to the battery positive and negative, the patented technology dedicated Daytime Running Light: the unique car to start  Automatic Identification System (LEDs switch on their own lights turn on and off)!
Before Install:

After Install:

More Pictures:

Yellow Turn Light:

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