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Toyota Tacoma Tundra 4Runner Car Fog lights LED lamps Yellow foglamp


Model Number: LED-2714TA

-- Open swith ACC,DRL reaches to 100% lightness.
-- Open indicator light or head light,DRL lightness decresed to 50%
--Open head light,DRL turns off


Product Name: Led Flood Beam Fog Light

Lens Color: Yellow

Product Color: Yellow

Voltage: 12V

Placement on Vehicle: Front ( Left & Right )


3000K Selective yellow is allowed by the ECE 19 and the SAE J583,100% Street-Legal.

Want to own a pair of JDM-style fog lights?Or the classic French style  Anyway, they are perfect for high contrast in bad weather or a unique look on the road.

The flood beam pattern is equipped with 60° wide optics to provide you with a wide-area amount of light,flood lights perfectly ensure your peripheral vision when you are off-roading.

Each lamp is powered by 4x 6W high power CREE XB-D LED diodes with super bright 2800 lumens raw lighting output.

Customized TIR (total in ternal reflection lens) optics to effectively eliminate output loss, and reducing glare, directing light where you need it.

Pattern adjustment function: adjust and align your fog lights to get perfect aim(if required).

Function: Yellow Led Flood beam Fog Light

After Install:

More Pictures:


For US Market

  • 2007-2015 For Toyota Avalon
    2007-2015 For Toyota Camry
    2009-2016 For Toyota Corolla
    2009-2015 For Toyota Venza
    2007-2008 For Toyota Solara
    2006-2012 For Toyota RAV4
    2016-2022 For Toyota RAV4
    2009-2013 For Toyota Matrix
    2008-2011 For Toyota Highlander
    2014-2022 For Toyota Highlander
    2006-2019 For Toyota Yaris
    2010-2015 For Toyota Prius
    2012-2017 For Toyota Prius v
    2012-2020 For Toyota Prius c
    2011-2020 For Toyota Sienna
    2016-2021 For Toyota Land Cruiser
    2012-2022 For Toyota Tacoma
    2014-2021 For Toyota Tundra
    2010-2022 For Toyota 4Runner
    2006 For Scion xA
    2011-2015 For Scion xB
    2011-2016 For Scion tC
    2012-2015 For Scion iQ
    2011-2015 For Lexus IS250(Only compatible with 11-13 F-Sport bumper and 14-15 non F-Sport bumper)
    2011-2016 For Lexus IS350(Only compatible with 11-13 F-Sport bumper and 14-16 non F-Sport bumper)
    2008-2014 For Lexus IS F
    2013-2018 For Lexus ES300h ES350
    2010-2013 For Lexus GX460
    2008-2014 For Lexus LX570
    2010-2012 For Lexus HS250h
    2016-2019 For Lexus GS200t
    2013-2015 For Lexus GS250
    2013-2020 For Lexus GS350
    2013-2018 For Lexus GS450h
    2011-2017 For Lexus CT200h
    2010-2019 For Lexus RX350 RX450h
    2015-2021 For Lexus NX200t NX300 NX300h

For EU Market

  • 2008-2014 For Toyota Urban Cruiser

  • 2009-2018 For Toyota Avensis
    2012-2018 For Toyota Aygo
    2007-2018 For Toyota Auris
    2009-2014 For Toyota iQ
    2009-2018 For Toyota Verso
    2010-2017 For Toyota Verso-S
    2016-2022 For Toyota C-HR
    2015-2022 For Toyota Hilux
    2009-2017 For Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
    2014-2022 For Toyota FJ Cruiser(Middle East Models)
    2010-2015 For Toyota Prius
    2011-2021 For Toyota Prius+
    2012-2022 For Toyota Yaris/Yaris Hybrid
    2006-2012 For Toyota RAV4
    2016-2022 For Toyota RAV4
    2013-2018 For Toyota Corolla
    2019-2022 For Toyota Camry Hybrid
    2011-2012 For Lexus IS200d IS220d
    2011-2015 For Lexus IS250 IS350
    2008-2014 For Lexus IS F
    2012-2018 For Lexus ES200 ES250 ES300h ES350
    2008-2015 For Lexus LX570
    2010-2019 For Lexus RX270 RX300 RX350 RX350hl RX450h
    2012-2020 For Lexus GS200t GS250 GS300h GS450h
    2011-2017 For Lexus CT200h
    2015-2021 For Lexus NX300t NX300h
    OEM Part Number:8122006071  8121006071  812100D042  812200D042  810260W020  810250W020  8122008020  8121008020  8122002160  8121002160 812100W050  812200W040  812200E030  812100E050  8121047010  8122047010  8122012230  8121112230  8121002110  8122002110  etc.

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